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Has your race plan been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you looking for a new fitness goal this summer? Look no further! Swim.com and U.S. Masters Swimming have joined forces yet again to deliver a perfect combo of swimming and cross-training challenges to our users.

With the release of Challenges in Swim.com’s new Version 3.5 update, we’ve launched three new in-house challenges starting on Thursday, July 9th. In addition to our in-house challenges, Swim.com is supporting our partner USMS with the upcoming 2020 SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Summer Fitness Challenge, starting on July 15th.

The Summer Fitness Challenge, taking place from July 15 through July 31, is a 2k swim that can be done in either a pool or open water. Swimmers who cannot safely swim are still encouraged to participate with a 30-minute dryland workout.

Summer Fitness Challenge

All USMS members can compete in both the SFC: 2k Swim and the SFC: 30-Minute Workout for FREE, with the option to donate just $12 towards a great cause. Net proceeds will go toward the USMS COVID-19 relief efforts to help Masters clubs around the nation get up and running again. Plus, you’ll also receive some unique event swag, partner discounts and SmartyPants Vitamin samples!

You can register for the event here. For the 2k Swim, you can manually upload your swim or use your wearable device to have your efforts automatically uploaded to Swim.com. On the 30-minute workout challenge, you’ll need to manually upload that workout, whether it be a run, bike, yoga session or general workout.

If you need help preparing for this swim, USMS offers some great six-week training plans for all types of swimmers. Find out more here or on the Swim.com mobile app.

For step-by-step instructions on how to join a challenge, head over to our support page.

Even if you can’t get in the water just yet, the SmartyPants USMS Summer Fitness Challenge is still a perfect opportunity to get out there and compete! Join a challenge on Swim.com today!

If you’re viewing this post on your mobile device, click the respective links below to be taken straight to the challenge page!

2020 SFC: 2K Swim

2020 SFC: 30-Minute Workout

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