Can I export my swims to other services? currently supports HealthKit integration for Apple Watch as well as all other workouts uploaded through the app for iPhone, available here.  Support for Google Fit for Android users will come via version 2.0 for Android, available in the summer of 2017.  We are also working on revising our swim file export system to address compatibility bugs with some popular services that prevented these workouts from being properly imported. is currently considering a variety of solutions to allow users to export their completed swimming workouts to services like Strava ™, Training Peaks ™ and other popular fitness apps.  These services allow users to maintain a complete picture of their fitness and activity in a single location.  Limitations on our development of compatibility with these services include the lack of overwhelming user demand for any service in particular, as well as the amount of up-front and continued development effort to maintain the services to our users.  In summary, we want to avoid creating integrations with third-party services which we cannot maintain but we hope to get to a point where we have the development resources and the user support to develop direct integration with other popular fitness services.

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  1. Thanks for the update and perspective on your plans in this area. For me I have always exported my current results in .CSV format to my Mac, and manage them myself. (It really doesn’t take much and I never have to worry about it being lost or gone out of business).

    As I indicated before, highest priority is making that data immediately available after each interval, and then at the end of the workout, to project the results graphically on a larger screen, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

  2. This is great news about future integration with Strava & others fitness apps, and something I’ve been requesting since October 2016.
    I feel that transparency between apps is the way to go, allowing users to collect data for many health and fitness reasons.
    Strava hasn’t got anything near to when it comes to swimming data. But Strava has a great social engagement that is lacking… Perhaps that’s another topic…? Great news and I’m pleased to hear that is working to make our lives more enjoyable in and out the water.

  3. .fit gets my vote as they are accepted by nearly every other service out there. So it’s an easy export and import to most other apps and webs services.

  4. Hi David, I take it the .fit export is working now..? I know a couple of months back (Jan-March 2017) that there were issues with exporting file extensions. I must admit, I’ve not tried for a while, due to failed or very poor data collection on Garmin and Strava. sharing data with these and other fitness sites is important, and especially with the high privacy Apple’s Healthkit has, making data collected my difficult to share. I’ll give the .fit another go… but I’ve also found a link that might help explain the complexity of sharing data with Apple’s Healthkit.

  5. Apple Health integration is great but I’d definitely love to see external services data integration too. Strava would be my preference. Otherwise an option to export your swim workouts into a format (like .fit or tcx) would also work since it could be consumed by other services via a manual upload.

  6. Strava would be my priority. Saying there’s no overwhelming support for Strava or a file format that an work with strava is incorrect.
    Apple Health is an average app at best due to its non-existant customisation and export options.

    1. Hi James-
      The good news it that we’ve fixed the manual export of .fit files from to Strava (and other services that accept .fit files). Right now there is no API for automatic transfer of files out of the system to sites like Strava, MapMyFitness, etc. and this is not currently in our development calendar (see reasons in the posting above). To manually export a .fit file from, you will need to navigate to an individual workout’s settings. This will need to be done on a web browser as it cannot be done on mobile. From the settings menu select “Export .fit”. Save the file and then import it into the fitness aggregate service of your choice. For reference, here is the location of this:

  7. Great to find out that the .fit export works now… I’ve just done my first .fit export on my Mac, and it works ! No segments though on Strava : (
    Sure better than having to manually add it ! thanks Guys at for your hard work sorting this out… it’s Appreciated.

  8. A year on and it is a bit disappointing that this hasn’t got much further. I appreciate the Export functionality but an ‘Export All’ would be really handy as well!

  9. Now that the website is no longer operational, are there plans to support an ‘Export All’ feature in the app? I find the various graphs and stats very limited and would love to be able to export all the data to an Excel file (csv or similar) for analysis.

    1. We don’t have this today but that is a fair request. We’ll add this to the roadmap.We are also planning to extend our graphic and reporting capabilities this year (2021) so if you have ideas on what you’d like to see, please let us know.

      1. Thanks for replying John!

        I’d love to be able to graph various metrics over time. For example, fastest 50yd per session. Average heart rate. Total distance.

        I can see some of this data at the moment (eg the bar chart with total distance), but it’s limited to the current week. I can see the fastest 50yd on the progress page, but I don’t know when it was? Was it recent? Or have I not improved my speed in the last few months? To get the date I have to tap on the time, which opens the swim, and I then have to tap ‘View swim overview’. I’d love love love to see a line chart with this data displayed over time so I can immediately see if I’m improving or not.

        Hence my request for a csv export – this would be pretty easy in Excel 🙂

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