How to Expertly Return to Swimming After a Long Break

Our partners at USMS have been instrumental in providing expertly-formed training advice for both pool and open water swimming. Whether your pool is reopening or you’re taking the plunge into open water swimming, and USMS have you covered with training tips crafted by top-level coaches.

Before jumping back in, it is crucial you adjust your training plan to something different than what you may have been doing pre-COVID. The global shutdown of our sport is something our community has never had to operate under and in these unprecedented circumstances, USMS has leaned on their top-notch coaching staff for advice on how to return to a regular training routine, post-lockdown.

If you’re within one of the municipalities that has reopened their pools and gyms, check out these pool-specific tips on returning to training.

USMS is not alone in providing tips and tricks on returning to training. USA Swimming’s open water training guidelines can be found here, along with their recommended sample workouts and tips on how to physically structure an open water venue.

After the unfortunate but necessary cancellation of the 2020 USMS Summer Nationals, swimmers are looking for ways to replace that sense of competition.

One of those avenues is through open water swimming, and as open water swimming increases in popularity, there will be an increasing amount of opportunities for open water competition and training. Thankfully, USMS has an abundance of resources for any coach, athlete or swimming enthusiast to become an open water official or safety director.

USMS open water certification resources may become more useful come the late-summer early fall, as most of the world’s large open water races have not yet been cancelled.

Be sure to exercise caution when reentering the pool or open water. Not only from the obvious, COVID-19 perspective, but also from a general athletic health perspective.

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