Introducing Workout Wednesday’s

What is Workout Wednesday?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a bit of a training rut – swimming largely the same workouts day after day. Falling into this pattern not only reduces our motivation to stay on track, it also means we can fall into the trap of adaptation (something we’ll cover in a future post), miss opportunities to work on our technique and more.

To keep things fresh and help our users stay on target with their goals, has an unlimited repository of “Workouts” where you can create, discover, share and download workouts that are tailored for you. Head over to the Android and Apple app stores to download the app and check it out!

And to spice things up, we are going to share a new workout every Wednesday. Sometimes these workouts will come from our internal staff and other times we’ll have experienced coaches and athletes share some of their favorite workouts. For the next few weeks, we are excited to highlight some of Jarrod Shoemaker’s favorite workouts!

Meet Jarrod Shoemaker

Many of us recognize Jarrod for his accomplishments in triathlons. Jarrod grew up running and swimming before finding triathlons after graduating from Dartmouth where he ran Cross Country and Track; winning the 2003 Ivy League XC Championships.

In triathlon Jarrod was one of the fastest runners, and became a great swimmer, leading the swim in several non-draft races. He is the only US male to win a World Series race (Hamburg 2009) and won 2 World Championships along with 3 US National Championships. Jarrod qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by defeating other well known triathletes such as Hunter Kemper and Andy Potts.

Jarrod has now turned his attention to coaching triathlon and swimming. Among the athletes he trains are several ITU professional athletes looking to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
We are thrilled that Jarrod has agreed to share some of his go-to workouts! The first workout is below and focuses on the importance of a good warmup.

Working on Warmups – by Jarrod

Most people think of a warmup as something to coast through or cut short. But the warmup is an integral part of a swim to get you ready to swim the main set.

I break warmups into two parts:

  • Activation and Drills
    1. During this phase get the feel of the water, how your body is feeling.
    2. Activate legs during the kick phase
    3. Focus the drills on what you need to activate or work on. I included a few samples below.
  • Heart Rate Set
    1. The goal is to transition from easy swimming to the main set.
    2. I use build or descends to get the body transitioning.


300 swim

100 kick

200 drill (25 left arm only, 25 right arm only, 50 catch up, 25 head up, 25 fist drill, 50 swim)

6 x 50 descend 1-3, 4-6 on :10 rest

Main Set

3 x 200 aerobic form focus on :15 rest

4 x 100 build on :10 rest

200 pull focusing on form

4 x 25 alternate fast/easy on :40 seconds

Warm Down

200 Warm Down

To view this workout on your mobile device, head over the Workouts tab and select “Workout of the Day”. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
Have questions about this workout? Want to contact Jarrod?
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