Pebble: The End of An Era

During September of 2018, we communicated that our support for Pebble users was coming to close (The End of the Pebble Era). This change is of significant impact to many of our long time users and our own team.

As we head into the new year, Pebble users will no longer be able to connect or sync swim workouts to This brings closure to the era of Pebble with The team at does not want to leave the many dedicated swimmers who have been with us for many years out of the water. We very much want to keep you as part of the community and, more importantly, ensure you can track and monitor your swim performance.

We are offering a special discount for all of our Pebble users. This discount is good toward the purchase of a new device through If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact us at

11 thoughts on “Pebble: The End of An Era

  1. Leaving thé option To sync pebble as is with a clear disclaimer that no support is given would have been a good in between.Paradoxally it has never worked as well as these last month’s.

    Would you review your position ?

    Thank you.

    1. Pebble users can access earlier releases from the app stores. This will allow you to continue using your Pebble device with

      1. Why was the sync with pebble devices removed from the app ?
        Pebble devices are still working, thanks to the rebble project.
        Which App-Version was the last that syncs with pebble ? There is no note about dropping support in the app-release history. Would you please tell me, how to install an older Version of the app in iOS 12 ? I can´t see how to do that.

        1. You may access older versions of for your iOS or Android device by searching for version 2.3.6 or earlier. It was a difficult decision to end support for Pebble users. Please read our article on this blog, “Pebble: The End of an Era”, to learn more about the decision and why it was made.

          1. Unfortunately Apple doesn´t support installation of older versions of the app. It seems i am not the only one who wishes back Pebble support. And yes, i read the blog article. Got my Pebble for around 50 EUR, i don´t think you can make me an offer for a new device for that pricepoint, can you ?

    1. This version of the app is no longer supported so there are no assurances that can be offered regarding performance. Since Pebble has been discontinued as a whole, we are offering a discount through our partner if you are interested in purchasing a new device. The blog article describes how to obtain a discount code.

    1. We understand and are very sorry to see you go. The team at is very excited about our roadmap of new features and functions that will continue to evolve over the next year. These changes will continue to enhance our user experience including connectivity to other apps like Strava. We hope you will consider us as an option in the future. Thanks for swimming with us!

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