Swim.com says Goodbye to Pebble

Pebble holds a special place in our hearts at Swim.com.  Unfortunately, despite three of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, Pebble is being dissolved. Swim.com was one of the most popular apps for Pebble, our first smartwatch app and one of the most popular devices on Swim.com and through our retail partner, SwimOutlet.com.

Pebble was unable to maintain the budget necessary to continue operations.  Their assets will be sold to Fitbit and many of Pebble’s employees will continue on with Fitbit.  More details are available with the Pebble official announcement.

Due to the lack of developer support and changes needed to update and maintain our app, the Swim.com app for the Pebble series of watches will no longer be updated.  The Swim.com app for Pebble will continue to be available through the Pebble App Store for the time being as we recognize the value that it continues to provide the tens of thousands of our users who are using Pebble smartwatches.

While Pebble was our longest-running smartwatch app, the platform was not without its (frequent and frustrating) software and (occasional) hardware challenges, especially as a developer of an advanced. We are aware of the issues that exist for Pebble 2 users who are unable to transfer their completed workouts from the watch to the phone.  Unfortunately, this is a firmware issue with the Pebble 2 itself and it’s unlikely to be fixed unless the Pebble firmware is open sourced and fixed by the community in the future.

The good news is that many of the very talented developers we worked with at Pebble are moving on to Fitbit.  We look forward to the products they team up to create and hope that Fitbit can produce the kind of products that swimmers love, just like Pebble did.

Farewell Pebble!

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    1. Swimmo has expressed interest in getting on the platform! We’re just waiting for them to develop their end of the integration. Please express your interest to them as well!

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