Swim.com WearOS Beta Now Available for Android Users

Starting today, Swim.com Android and WearOS users that agree to become beta testers through Google Play can update to version 2.4.9 (beta).

This version brings features to WearOS that have already been available to our Apple and Samsung users, including drill and pace (send-off) modes, distance goal alarms, and the ability to import a workout guide to the watch to reference while swimming. 

This version also makes Swim.com available to all users utilizing WearOS version 2.x and above and should solve any issues in prior versions that prevented swims from syncing to our server.

To install this version, you must first go to our app on Google Play and agree to become a beta tester. It may take several minutes for your beta tester status to be approved. Once it is approved, you will need to manually update to this version via the link above. 

When 2.4.9 has been installed on your phone, you can wait for the phone to automatically update the app on your watch or you can force the update by uninstalling the old version of Swim.com on your WearOS device and re-installing. To uninstall the Swim.com watch app, go to Settings>Apps & Notifications>App Info>Swim.com>App Info to check which version is currently running on the watch. If it is not running 2.4.9, uninstall from the App Info menu. To re-install, open the Play Store on your watch and install the Swim.com app from the option “Apps from your Phone”.

Version 2.4.9 may ask you to login to your account on your Android phone when you first get it running. Once your account is recognized, you are ready to swim!

From the main menu is where you will want to set up your goal distance alert, if desired. To use the the pre-loaded workout feature, you’ll first need to favorite or create and favorite the workouts you’d like to swim from the Swim.com app on your mobile phone before you send them to the watch. Instructions for how to use this feature are here.

Once you have started a swim, the touch screen will automatically be disabled to prevent the electric current in the water from making false touches on the capacitive screen. To wake the screen up you will need to press one of the physical buttons (typically the power button on most watches). In order to access drill mode and pace (send-off) timers swipe from left to right or use the watch’s physical scrolling button to scroll up. To access additional screen views, swipe from right to left or scroll down. If you wake the watch mid-workout, you do not need to manually lock the screen again – this will happen automatically when you resume swimming. To end the workout, swipe from right to left or scroll down until you reach the “end swim” screen.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to report a bug with beta version 2.4.9, please email us at support@swim.com!

2 thoughts on “Swim.com WearOS Beta Now Available for Android Users

  1. Thanks you so much for all the improvements! I tried it today for first time and it looks that you did a great job!
    The only strange thing is that i’d swear that it added 2 or 3 pools at the end of my 2km training of today. Anyway, it looks like a great improvement: goals, better general look, auto-lock screen, etc.
    Last review I gave 4 stars, I think now you deserve 5 stars at play store!

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