The 2020 SwimOutlet Welcome Back Challenge

At, we are leading the charge in fostering a virtual swimming environment. With the recent launch of challenges and open water leaderboards, we’re ready to take virtual competition to the next level. users are now able to use the Discover feature to find workouts, clubs, challenges, workouts, other swimmers and more. Challenges have a virtual competitive experience, in that they offer rewards, milestones, social interaction, and other features.

To kick things off, we’ve launched a ton of new challenges and the newest of the bunch is sponsored by our partners at SwimOutlet!

Started on July 20th, the 2020 SwimOutlet “Welcome Back” Challenge is live on the mobile app. In this 5k distance challenge, you’ll have until August 7th to log 5,000 yards in a pool or open water. If you have a safe space to swim, now is the perfect time to earn some serious rewards!

Tap the below link on your mobile device to automatically launch the challenge.

Launch the Challenge

SwimOutlet Challenge

For your efforts, swimmers who complete the challenge will automatically earn:

  • A unique digital badge for the SwimOutlet Makin’ Waves Challenge to add to your collection
  • A FREE cap, fulfilled by SwimOutlet
  • An entry into a raffle to win 1 of 3 Sporti Equipment Bundles

So wait no longer! Hop in a pool or jump into some open water and add this 5k Challenge to the books!

Is this your first challenge on No worries! For step-by-step instructions on how to join a challenge, head over to our support page.

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