Workout of the Week: Short & Fast

This week’s Workout of the week builds on the speed play we accomplished last week. We’ll warmup quickly with just 600 yards, then do some short pulling and kicking to warmup the arms and legs as we prep for our short, fast-paced main set.

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Warmup: 600yds – for this quick warmup you can leave your watch in Drill Mode as it contains some drilling and kicking as you warm up all the muscle groups by mixing up the strokes.  

300 mix

200 (50KK/50SW)

100 (25 DR/25SW)

Preset: 600yds – The preset just revs the engine up by getting your legs and arms sharpened with some kicking and pulling mixed in. In the 4×100’s set, be sure to notice what changes in your stroke as you go from the first 50 swimming smooth to descend each back 50 to fast. 

4×100 Free Pull @ :15 rest

  • 50 Smooth/50 Desc. 1-4

3×50 Kick @ :10 rest 

  • Strong

2×25 Stroke @ :05 rest

  • FAST

Main set: 500 yds – We’ll be putting in 400yds of some seriously FAST swimming here. You’ll have the option of choosing your stroke but within each cycle of 5×25, the first four should be as fast as humanly possible, followed by a single 25 easy to recover. Try to refrain from kicking or drilling on the easy as it is important to practice swimming real, effective swimming technique when tired to teach our bodies how to maintain that form during a race. 

20×25 Choice of Stroke 

  • 4 As FAST as possible @ :20 send-off (or similar difficulty) 
  • 1 @ EZ 1:40 send off 

Cool down: 200yds

200 (25 Kick/25 Swim)

Total: 1900yds 

Need a longer workout? Feel free to double the warmup or and an extra round or two to the main set.

Click on the below button on your mobile device to view this workout in the app.

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