Workout of the Week: Aerobic Booster

This workout is more aerobic focused, definitely geared towards the distance swimmer but surely a perfect workout for anyone looking to put in some serious swimming. 

The warmup is just a mix of some longer, continuous swimming – getting our bodies and minds ready for more of the same as we go through the workout. At just 900 yards, feel free to add some more if you enjoy a longer warmup. 

The pre-set sprinkles in some drilling (we provided some nice drill examples in this week’s Deep Dive email) and swimming. During the 75’s and 25’s be sure to learn something about your stroke from the Drill, and apply it to the Swim. As we try and go faster through the set, never sacrifice form for speed. 

The main set is a nice combo of descend pulling and fast swimming. Remember, as you try and swim faster through the set, don’t forget about what you learned from the drill earlier in the workout. 

Warmup: 900yds – take :20-:30 in between each 

300 mix
300 kick
300 pull

Pre-set: 800yds 

4×75 Drill/Swim combo @ :15 rest

  • 50 Drill/25 swim

4×50 Kick @ :10 rest 

  • Smooth

12×25 @ :05 rest

  • Odds = Drill
  • Evens = First half FAST

Main Set: 2100yds

1×300 swim @ :30 rest 

  • Build to FAST

6×150 pull @ :10/:15 rest 

  • Descend each 50

6×100 swim @ :10/:15 rest 

  • Descend each 100, 1-3, 4-6 

6×50 @ :10/:15 

  • Odds = RACE
  • Evens = EZ

300 mix EZ

Click on this link on your mobile phone to automatically launch this workout.

Total yardage: 4,100yds

What did you think of this one? Be sure to share your progress with us on social media!

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3 thoughts on “Workout of the Week: Aerobic Booster

  1. Hello! I open the workout and I could see the button below “swim this workout” If I hit the button, the workout shows in the swims like already did it… in Apple Health shows it is done… I think this isn’t the idea… right?

    1. Hey, Bill! Thanks for reaching out – right now, we don’t track kicking specifically, but we are working on it! Drill Mode is a good way to track kicking, drilling, sculling and anything in between as it logs the distance you put in manually, regardless of what you end up doing in that distance. Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out with more questions!

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