Workout of the Week: Descending Freestyle

This week’s curated workout is an even 3200 yards long with a freestyle descend focus – perfect for the competitive swimmer looking to learn how to get faster as the race goes on, or anyone looking for a real huff n’ puffer!

The warmup and preset are each 800 yards apiece, which lays a good foundation for the 1,300 yard long main-set. During the warmup, there are portions that ask you to go some drill/swim combos, double check that your watch is in Drill Mode prior to that portion on the warmup. On the 200 (50BK/50FR) make sure you complete an entire 50 back & free so we can accurately track your progress. 

Warmup: 800yds

200 FR

200 IM

200 (25 DR/25SW)

200 (50 BK/50 FR)

Preset: This 800 worth of setting up gets your legs ready with some fast kick and strong pulling. Feel free to use equipment like a pair of fins, a kickboard and a pair of paddles for this set. 

4×50 Kick @ :15 rest 

  • Odds: FAST
  • Evens: EZ

2×100 Pull @ :10 rest 

  • 50 Strong/50 Faster

4×50 Kick @ :15 rest 

  • Odds: FAST
  • Evens: EZ

2×100 @ :10 rest

  • 50 Strong/50 Faster

Main set: Our main set this week is a cool 1300 yards with a goal of getting faster as you go through the set. The longer swims are the focus here with the 25’s acting as a recovery tool. Don’t be afraid to mix in some different strokes on the 25’s to get your body nice and recovered to descend to some speedy swims on the longer stuff. 

3×200 FR @ :20 rest

  • Desc. 1-3

4×25 Choice @ :10 rest

2×150 FR @ :15 rest 

  • Build to FAST 

4×25 Choice @ :10 rest 

1×100 FR @ :10 rest 

  • FAST

4×25 Choice @ : 10 rest 

Cool down: 300yds

300 Choice (25 FR/25 Non-FR)

Total yardage: 3200yds

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