Workout of the Week: DIY Swim Bench #2

We’re going back to our roots here in this one – in March we went live on our Facebook page several times to demonstrate some swimming-specific workouts done on our DIY Swim Bench. This week, we’ll be breaking out that bench again to get at close as we can to some swimming movements.

Our Swim Bench is made up of almost 100% of household materials, so if you don’t have our exact components, you can grab anything around the house that somewhat resembles a swim bench.

This week’s WoW is just 40-minutes long. It includes a quick 8-minute jumprope warmup (purchase a jumprope from SwimOutlet right here for only $5!) and a series of upper-body strength exercises, along with some body weight squats.

If you don’t have a jumprope, jogging in place or jumping jacks will serve as a fine replacement.


  • Jumprope/Stretch cord
    • 4×1:00 (:45 on/:15 off)
    • 10 push-ups
    • 20 body-weight squats
    • 2×1:00 (:50/:10 off)

Main set #1:

  • DIY Swim-Bench: Join us at 4pm on Friday on Instagram Live for a step-by-step tutorial on how to execute this main set! 💪🏼
    •  3 rounds:
      • 20 swim pulls
      • 20 seated rows
      • 20 upward punches (10 each arm)
      • 20 cross-over pulls (10 each arm)
      • 20 streamline squats

Main set #2:

  • Strength Circuit
    • 3 rounds:
      • 10 push-ups
      • 10 streamline squats
      • 10 bent-over swim pulls (5 each arm @ max resistance)
      • 10 rows (5 each arm @ max resistance)

Can’t get to the pool or gym yet? No problem! Follow on Instagram to see how we’re using our DIY Swim Bench for our workouts!

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