Workout of the Week: Fast Kick/Swim

This week’s installment of the Workout of the Week is, once again, brought to you by our expert coaches at U.S. Masters Swimming. We’ll be targeting our anaerobic engines on this one – so get ready to go fast and get some speed going!

We do have a fair amount of kicking in this workout, so be sure to keep your watch on Drill Mode for those kick sets. We’ll bold the Drill Mode feature next to the sets where you’ll need to enable it.

Check out this workout below – enjoy! We’re recommending the use of some specific gear this week. SwimOutlet has the most diverse selection of products on the web – Be sure to take advantage of 20% off site-wide on our expert-recommended products that will help you tackle this week’s workout!

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Warm up:

  • 400 choice @ :30 rest
  • 4×75 @ :10 rest – set watch to Drill Mode
    • 25 Kick – 25 Drill – 25 Swim 

Main set: we mix up some 50’s working on our legs then go right into 3×100 with about :20-25 rest, holding your best average. Keep the 100’s all the same stroke per round. Feel free to add in some IM work if you’d like.

3 Rounds…

  • 4×50 @ 1:15 – set watch to Drill Mode
    • 12.5 fast kick – 12.5 sprint swim – 12.5 fast kick – 12.5 sprint swim
  • 3×100 @ :20 rest 

Cool down: Definitely add some more easy swimming or kicking if you feel you need it! 

  • 200 easy warm down

Total yardage: 2400yds

One thought on “Workout of the Week: Fast Kick/Swim

  1. 12.5 fast kick – 12.5 sprint swim – 12.5 fast kick – 12.5 sprint swim

    Could you tell me what these two phrases mean? Diana

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