Workout of the Week: Low Volume, High Intensity

In this week’s workout, we’ll bring the volume down a notch while kicking up the intensity. The warmup is a variation of the typical 3-2-1 with some drilling and kicking mixed in – be sure to set your watch to Drill Mode to make sure we track your laps accurately.

During the preset, try your best to rev the engine up as best you can to set yourself up for the main set, where you will descend to max effort 100’s.

Our main set this week is just 800 yards of good, honest work. You’ll descend each 100 repeat 1-2, then reset for 3-4, then reset again 5-6. Take #7 nice and easy, the you’ll go as fast as possible on the final 100. 

As we’ve said many times before, cooling down is equally as important as warming up. Your body needs the TLC during the start of the workout and the end. Be sure to pay attention to technique and form here as managing good strokes while fatigued is key to maintaining those beautiful strides at the end of a race or long workout.

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Warmup: 600yds

  • 300 Choice
  • 200 Kick 
  • 100 Drill

Preset: 700yds

  • 4×50 kick @ :10 rest
    • Build to full speed
  • 4×100 pull @ :15 rest 
    • Desc. 1-4
  • 4×25 choice @ :10
    • Odds = First 12.5 FAST
    • Evens = Second 12.5 FAST

Main set: 800yds

  • 8×100 @ :20-:30 rest
    • Desc. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
    • #7 = Easy 
    • #8 = As FAST as possible!

Cool down: 300yds

  • 300 Easy 

Total yardage: 2400yds

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