Workout of the Week: Pull, Paddles & Pace Mode ⏱

Use this practice to slow down and gain an awareness of where your head, hips and feet are in the water.  During the drill set, focus on your head position.  It should be neutral and looking straight down to the bottom of the pool with the top of your head pointed at the far wall. 

This workout will allow you to play with different positions to feel the difference. 

Warm up:

  • 400 choice @ :15 rest  
  • 8×50  @ 1:10
    • Drill/Swim by 25
      • 1=swim looking forward, with water just above goggles
      • 2=swim with head neutral, top of head pointed forward
      • 3=swim with chin down, looking toward your feet.

Main Set: 

  • 3×200 pull @ :30 rest
    • /*1-breathe to the left going down and the right coming back for full 200. 2-breathe every 3-5 by 50. 3- choice breathing*/
  • 1:00 rest
  • 6×100 drill @ :30 rest
    • /*by 25: rt arm only, L arm only, fist drill, catchup.*/
  • 1:00 rest
  • 8×25 kick @ :40
    • /*odds-dolphin kick, even-breast kick*/     

Cool Down:

  • 200 easy choice

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Recommended Equipment:

Agility Paddles: Beyond their design, the Agility Paddle allows for immediate feedback when pulling water. Quick tip with these paddles, if they move around on your hand while swimming, you’re probably not pulling correctly! Try these paddles on your next workout!

AXIS Buoy: Rather than placing this buoy between your legs like the one you’re probably using now, this buoy is designed to be attached to one’s ankles, forcing you to keep your hips at the surface while the buoy suspends your legs and ankles. Use this innovative pull buoy on this week’s workout and consider adding it to your gear bag as a permanent fixture.

Sculling Paddles: These aren’t your typical paddles at all. The FINIS Sculling Paddles are used specifically for sculling and gaining a closer connection with the water. Use these paddles when drilling or cooling down to get the most out of the experience.

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