Workout of the Week: Spooky Szn Swimmin’ 👻

This week’s WoW is Halloween-themed! Pull out your orange and black swimsuits and have some fun with it…and don’t forget the candy afterwards! Or before…or during! 

Be sure to enter Drill Mode when kicking, drilling or sculling.

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Warm up:

  • 400 choice @ :20 rest
  • 3x 100  @ :10 rest
    • 25 scull 25 kick on right side, 25 kick on left side, 25 choice drill    

Main Set:  Your legs will be on their deathbed with this set of kicks.  You get a little break while you push your lungs to the limit.  Adjust breaths if you really need to but you want to be  a little outside of your comfort zone on the pulls.  Then it’s back to some fast swimming that may lead you to your grave!  

  • 12×25 kick @ :40
    • Odds = zombie kicks (kick on back with board held up toward ceiling)
    • Evens = tombstone kicks (board is vertical with at least half underwater as you kick)
  • 6×100 pull @ 2:15
    • Dreadful pulls! you have a total of 12 breaths per 100. Spread them out throughout the 100, but don’t take more than 12!
  • 12×25 @ :40 /
    • Grave digger swims
    • 12.5 fast kick then 12.5 sprint to wall.
    • You’ll be digging your own grave if you really work these hard!            

Warm down:

100 choice 

Total yardage: 2000

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