Workout Wednesday – Breaststroke

This week we tackle breaststroke. If you are not a breaststroker working on the stroke is still important. I have actually used breaststroke arms to help me swim freestyle better as it is a great way to practice early vertical forearm. The key to breaststroke is to finish your stroke and not slow it down as your bring your hands through. Your stroke starts with your hands straight out and ends with hand straight out. Being snappy throughout the stroke is important and focus on good catch and vertical forearm.

Key notes:

  • Focus on good arm snap and vertical forearm
  • Focus on finishing stroke from arms out to arms out
  • Snap the legs at the end of the kick for maximum propulsion


200 swim
100 kick
100 as 50 choice drill/50 swim

HR Set

8 x 50 on :10 seconds rest as 25 butterfly/25 free, 25 backstroke/25 free, 25 breaststroke/25 free, 50 free – push first 25s harder.

Main Set

Two rounds of:

1-2 rounds of:

3 x 100 as 25 breaststroke arms only (freestyle kick)/75 swim – focus on quick snap on the arms

4 x 25 take 3 underwater breaststroke pull outs under the water (one pull out is catch and kick) on :15 rest – focus on good length and finish on the the arms and legs

6 x 50 2 rounds of:  2x 25 free/25 breaststroke – breaststroke is build to max, 1x 50 cruise free on :10 rest

4 x 25 12.5 sculling (we used this in a past set)/12.5 free on :15 rest

2 x 50 breaststroke focusing on perfect form on :10 rest

100 easy on :30-45 rest

Warm Down

200 warm down

To view this workout on your mobile device, head over the Workouts tab and select “Workout of the Day”. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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