CES 2018: Swim Wearable Technology Recap

Earlier this month at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, there were two major announcements about swimming wearables that will positively affect Swim.com users.

The first, was our own announcement that Swim.com, in partnership with SwimOutlet.com, introduced the world to the newest evolution in wearable swim tracking via the Spire Health Tag.

The idea behind the Spire Health Tag is that it is hassle-free and affordable. There is nothing to have to remember to charge, no buttons to press, and the small tag can be bonded to the swimsuit so it cannot be forgotten. When the workout is over, the swimmer simply needs to launch our app on their phone and the data from the Spire Health Tag will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the swimmer’s Swim.com account.  The cost of the Spire Health Tag is $30 and can be added to virtually any suit ordered through SwimOutlet.com. The technology, which won a Stuff Magazine Wearable Tech Award is set to be available to consumers in March 2018.

Secondly, Garmin has introduced swim lap tracking functionality to another Forerunner device, the Forerunner 645. Previously, the only watch in the Forerunner family of watches to include swim tracking was the 9 series. The Forerunner 645, which will retail for $100 less than the triathlon-focused Forerunner 935, gives Swim.com customers another device option from which to choose when evaluating which watch will best suit their needs.

The Forerunner 645 will have standard swim tracking features, such as recording distance, pace, stroke count/rate, SWOLF, and stroke ID. Additionally, it will have the capability of recording drill intervals, which is not a feature included in other watches such as the Vivoactive family.

The Forerunner 645 will be available for purchase on SwimOutlet.com in the coming weeks.






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