2020 Toyota U.S. Masters Swimming Virtual Championships

Looking for an alternative to your cancelled summer racing plans? Look no further than the 2020 Toyota U.S. Masters Swimming Virtual Championships!

With most in-person races hitting the chopping block this summer, virtual competition is proving to be an awesome alternative for elite and casual swimmers alike. Swim.com and U.S. Masters Swimming are leading the charge in creating a virtual, social swimming experience during the era of COVID-19 and beyond!

Here you’ll find all the links you need to navigate this exciting new virtual racing experience! If you haven’t connected your USMS account to your Swim.com profile, click here to find out how.

Is this your first time joining a challenge on Swim.com? No sweat – check out our support page for a step-by-step guide on how to join a challenge.

If you’re viewing this post on your mobile device, click the respective event links to be taken directly to that race’s page!

50 Freestyle Challenge Link
100 Freestyle Challenge Link
200 Freestyle Challenge Link
500 Freestyle Challenge Link
1000 Freestyle Challenge Link
1650 Freestyle Challenge Link
50 Backstroke Challenge Link
100 Backstroke Challenge Link
200 Backstroke Challenge Link
50 Breaststroke Challenge Link
100 Breaststroke Challenge Link
200 Breaststroke Challenge Link
50 Butterfly Challenge Link
100 Butterfly Challenge Link
200 Butterfly Challenge Link
100 IM Challenge Link
200 IM Challenge Link
400 IM Challenge Link
1-Mile Open Water Challenge Link
2-Mile Open Water Challenge Link
5k Open Water Challenge Link
10k Open Water Challenge Link
25k Open Water Challenge Link
10-Mile Open Water Challenge Link

2 thoughts on “2020 Toyota U.S. Masters Swimming Virtual Championships

  1. What am I doing wrong? When I click “challenge link”, it takes me to the swim dot com website and there’s no challenge listed. There’s nothing about a challenge at all.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for reaching out. As the blog states, for those deep links to work for each event, you’ll need to be on your mobile device. The links will not work on desktop. Hope this helps!

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