COVID-19: The Swimming Community Fights Back

The novel Coronavirus has undoubtedly caused all athletics to come to a screeching halt. However, unlike other sports, swimming often requires the gathering of many people in one, sometimes small, place. Right now, conventional training methods are off the table.

Over the past few weeks, unconventional training methods have begun to take the internet by storm. DIY workouts, online-yoga and newfound running routines have kept the athletic community busy while we all wonder – “when will this end?”

Perhaps the end is not directly in sight but, the swimming community, despite being robbed of completing senior seasons, training for the Olympics or simply sticking to a routine, has taken a driver-seat in combating COVID-19.

In addition to the advocacy for the CDC’s stay-in-place guidelines, many swimming companies are supplying the front-liners of the battle against COVID-19.

Read about who in the swimming community is fighting against COVID-19:

  • Agon, a swimwear brand based in Spain, has halted operations on swimsuits and begun producing disposable medical gowns for healthcare workers.
  • TheMagic5, a custom swimming goggle company has increased its goggle production since the outbreak of the virus, but not for swimmers. Instead, TheMagic5 is providing goggles to healthcare workers forced to clock in during the crisis. You can donate to their GoFundMe here.
  • Top ranked NCAA schools Stanford and USC are joining up with WADA to test the Pacific Northwest community.
  • American Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder Nathan Adrian has led a fundraising campaign for COVID relief. You can donate bids to win autographed caps, suits and more. A minimum of $25 is required and you can find that link here.
  • Global swimwear company, Dolfin, vows to make face masks and other protective medical gear for essential healthcare workers.
  • The University of South Carolina’s swimming & diving team is spotlighting their senior, Megan Jones, who is jumping right into her field of study to fight COVID-19.
  • GLI Pool Products out of Ohio is converting their sewing machines to craft masks and other protective gear for local essential workers.

Note: As more in the swimming community fight back against Coronavirus exposure, we will continue to update this document with evolving news. 

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