Workout of the Week: Abs Circuit is BACK after a brief hiatus. Over the past few weeks we’ve spent time fine-tuning the inner workings of our app. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new update, 3.1.

We are excited to bring you another installment of the Workout of the Week in the form of an all-out abs onslaught.

We’ll be concentrating on the abs and obliques in this one, with a bunch of swimming specific exercises and movements.

We won’t be using our DIY Swim Bench this week, but there is always the option to use a yoga mat here. Our friends at YogaOutlet are running a 30% sale right now! Take advantage while you can!

In celebration of getting back into the full swing of things, we’re hosting a LIVE workout on Instagram. Join us on Wednesday at 12:00pm EST for a step-by-step workout tutorial!


  • Two rounds: No rest between each exercise, take 1:00-2:00 minutes rest between the two rounds!
    • 10 streamline squats
    • 30 leg-lifts
    • 10 streamline squats
    • 20 super-crunches
    • 10 streamline squats
    • 10 push-ups

Abs Circuit

  • Two rounds: No rest between each exercise, take 1:00-2:00 minutes rest between the two rounds! 
    • 1:00 plank (1 perfect push up @ :10, :20, :30, :40, :50 & :60)
    • 20 crunches
    • :50 plank (same as above)
    • 30 Russian Twist
    • :40 plank (same as above)
    • 40 flutter kicks
    • :30 plank (same as above)

Cool Down

Make sure you finish this workout with your favorite warm down series. Feel free to mix in some yoga or light cardio to help flush the lactic acid out of your system. Be sure to join us next week for our next installment of the Workout of the Week!

4 thoughts on “Workout of the Week: Abs Circuit

  1. Hi Jason,
    Can you show a streamline squat, Russian twist Etc…
    My daughter will be 9 this month and she really enjoys competitive swimming. In my opinion she is pretty good and she better be, lol.
    I’m an ex-NHL player so I know a lot of workouts but I don’t know the names of the swimming ones and yes I understand she is only 9yrs old so the workouts will be lighter.
    Sorry the txt is so long but one more question.

    I need to know the best place for her to learn and train, we are in Riverview Mi.
    She does not lose very often and she needs to lose a bit. In the Ohio championships she went
    5-0 so I need to get her somewhere she will have the best competition for her sake not mine. I am not one of those parents that think she’s going to be the best ever and win gold.
    Thank you,
    Larry DePalma

    1. Hi, Larry! We are planning to go live on Instagram this Friday at 3pm EST. I’ll be demonstrating those movements along with this week’s WoW. Tune in and keep an eye on our social channels for promo materials! Hope to see you join us! #leadyourlane

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