Five Day Holiday Challenge

We’re giving away five compatible watches to celebrate the holiday season! Here’s how to win:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Download the app and join the new contest club. Registration is free! 
  3. Post your favorite swim picture, tag and include the hashtag #leadyourlane on your Facebook feed. Make sure to set your audience settings on the post to public, so we can see it. We won’t be able to see posts that are set to private! For more information on how to change your audience for a Facebook post, please refer to this link: 

    For every person you tag, you get another entry into the drawing.

Click here for some instructions on how to join a club.

We’ll pick a winner each day by 7pm PST and announce the winner on our Facebook page!

We chose 5 watches that the team loves to swim with. All five of these watches are compatible with the app which run our proprietary swim tracking algorithms. Our algorithms use the latest in artificial intelligence to capture your swims with the greatest accuracy!

Here are the watches and what we like most about them:

Apple Watch Series 3

If you own an iPhone then there’s no better smart watch to own and swim with. The app integrates with the Apple HealthKit so you can include your swims with all of your other daily activities.

Samsung Gear Sport 

We are huge fans of the Samsung Wearables and the Gear Sport is a great watch to swim with. We especially love the bezel ring which allows us to easily switch between different views on the app while swimming. The Gear Sport works with both Android and iPhone phones!

Fossil Vapor 2

If you are an Android user, swim and are in the market for a wearable, then the Fossil Vapor 2 and the app are what you need. Fossil is a clear leader in the WearOS market and the app is the only automatic swim tracking app for WearOS!

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Easily the best alternative to an Apple Watch, the Galaxy Active 2 is fast, responsive and, like the Gear Sport, works with Android and iPhones. The always-on display, long lasting battery and edge-to-edge display makes this watch a great tracking device with the app.

Apple Watch Series 5

While differences between the Series 3 and the Series 5 are not huge, there are some distinctions which make this one of our favorite wearable to swim with. Some of the differences we like are the bigger screen, always-on display and better battery life.

Please review the official contest rules.

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    1. Hi Jaime – you can post the picture to your Facebook feed. Just be sure to include the hashtag #leadyourlane.

  1. Unfortunately not everyone wants to be a facebook member.
    I have no facebook account !
    Would be nice if you include other social media (such as twitter..).

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