Guided Workouts Are Here!

As you might have seen on our SwimOutlet Instagram Takeover, we’ve launched our most intuitive feature yet – Guided Workouts!

With the new Guided Workouts feature on iOS, you can equip any workout with a set-by-set instructions, directly on your wrist!

Never again will you have to print a paper workout or squint through a ziplock bag to see your scribbled-on workout notecard.

The Guided Workouts feature was new for version 4.0 of the app on Apple Watch (Samsung and WearOS users, don’t worry Guided Workouts is coming to you soon!).

With this release, has enhanced the in-app workout experience by building upon the original unguided workouts feature, and now allows for our watch app to prompt the swimmer with information about the upcoming set to swim, throughout the entire workout.

Perhaps the best part of the new Guided Workouts feature is the ability to see your coach’s notes directly on your watch, during the workout. Simply by swiping the screen to the left while resting, you can see exactly how your coach wants you to do each set.

Guided Workouts allows you to make changes on the fly – so, if you’re not feeling up to the hard main set you had planned, you can skip parts of it or even the whole thing! Feeling like you could go another round? Guided Workouts lets you repeat any interval, as many times as you want!

It’s easy to set up for our Apple users, simply navigate to “Settings” > “Labs” then toggle “Enable Guided Workouts” on. For step-by-step instructions on how to enable Guided Workouts, head over to our knowledge base.

Let us know how you like our newest feature in a comment below! Or feel free to reach out on social media

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    1. Hi Jared – we are actively considering an app to support Guided Workouts on Garmin. We’ll add you vote to the “board” and let product management team know! If others want to see this, please chime in!

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