Workout of the Week: 20×20’s for 2020!

We know you’re probably tired of the 2020-themed workouts, but this one has a twist, and happens to include the perfect set to help you swim into the new year with some speed!

We’ll be revisiting some stroke count work from last week during warm-up, so be sure to get your paddles ready for maximum distance per stroke!

As we mentioned last week, it’s crucial to keep your distance per stroke high, while maintaining a low stroke count. The best way to do that in training is to use paddles and really concentrate on holding as much water as possible all the way through the stroke.

In this week’s main set, you’ll be challenged with swimming at full speed on a short rest interval for all 20x “20”‘s.

Don’t worry if you don’t swim in a 20-yard long pool (who does?), this set is meant to be done in a 25 yards or meters course. To make the set truly a set of 20×20’s, you’ll have to float or walk out to the flags, face down and float on your stomach, then, from a dead start, get your hand on that far wall as fast as you can!

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Check out this end of year workout below!

  • Warmup – Keep it smooth here – mix up the strokes and get ready for some pulling!
    • 300 choice
    • 200 pull
    • 100 kick
  • Main Set #1 – Descend the 100’s freestyle to get the heart rate in a good spot for the rest of the workout. Let the 75’s feel like a natural progression of speed, then hit it har don the 50 choice fast.
    • 2 rounds…
      • 3×100 freestyle @ :20 rest
        • Pull, desc. 1-3
      • 2×75 choice @ :15 rest
        • 50 build/25 fast
      • 1×50 choice @ :10 rest
        • fast!
      • 1x 1:00 rest
  • Main Set #2 – In a 25yd/m pool, walk or float out to the first flags, get yourself ready and set – then, without pushing off the bottom, unleash your fastest self and for the remaining 20yds/m.
    • 20×25’s @ :10 rest
      • All as fast as you can possibly go!
  • Cool Down
    • 200 easy

Total: 2,300yds/m

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