Swim and Win March Challenge!

March is here and it’s time to join the Sporti “Step it Up” challenges. There are two great  challenges to choose from including a 25k swim and a 15 hour dryland challenge. If you complete either (or both!!) of the challenges, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of six Sporti prize packs jammed full with all of your swim essentials.


Each winner will recieve:

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5 thoughts on “Swim and Win March Challenge!

  1. I would like to participate but Unfortunately in our country is still under look down can’t swim at any place in public or pools.
    Sorry for that.
    Wish a good luck to all participants.

  2. Only some of my swims are being included for this challenge. Looking more closely it appears that only the swims I did after signing up for this challenge have been included in my total. I signed up on March 8th, but my swims from March 1st, 3rd, 5th have not been added to my total.

      1. That’s not an accurate statement.
        Only swims completed after you sign up for a challenge (and it has started) are included.
        If swims completed during the challenge were included (and they definitely should be) your app would go back and pick up anything swum after the start date of the challenge even if you sign up late.

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