Swim and Win March Challenge!

March is here and it’s time to join the Sporti “Step it Up” challenges. There are two great  challenges to choose from including a 25k swim and a 15 hour dryland challenge. If you complete either (or both!!) of the challenges, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of six Sporti prize packs jammed full with all of your swim essentials.


Each winner will recieve:

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4 thoughts on “Swim and Win March Challenge!

  1. I would like to participate but Unfortunately in our country is still under look down can’t swim at any place in public or pools.
    Sorry for that.
    Wish a good luck to all participants.

  2. Only some of my swims are being included for this challenge. Looking more closely it appears that only the swims I did after signing up for this challenge have been included in my total. I signed up on March 8th, but my swims from March 1st, 3rd, 5th have not been added to my total.

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