Workout of the Week: Base & Speed

Whether you are a fitness swimmer, competitive swimmer or triathlete, this is a good time of the year to make sure you are building a strong aerobic base and focusing on your technique and form. We’re going to build on the last Workout of the Week (WOW) with a main set of 4 x 200s followed by some fast 50s. The goal is of the main set is to stress your aerobic engine so hit these 200s with an Rate of Percieved Effort (RPE) of about 6 or 7 (but no more!).

200s too long?
Feel free to reduce the length of the 200s to something more manageable if needed. However, be sure to hit the same over all distance of this main set.

Want a bigger challenge?
Repeat the main set twice!


Also, for Apple Watch users, don’t forget to enable Guided Workouts under Labs (found in Settings). This new feature will walk you through the workout – interval by interval – so you don’t have to memorize or print out this workout!


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  • Warmup – Let’s get warmed up. Remember to start off slow and focus on form.
    • 300 Free @0:35 rest
    • 200 Pull @0:35 rest (focus on good rotation)
    • 100 Kick @0:35 rest
    • 2 x 50 Choice @0:15 rest (25 easy, 25 strong)


  • Main Set #1 – We’re going to keep working on areobic capacity but also build in some speed to incorporate some variation in intensity.
    • 200 Pull @0:20 rest (with pull buoy and snorkel)
    • 200 Pull @0:20 rest (pull buoy only)
    • 200 Free @0:20 rest
    • 200 Free @0:20 rest
    • 1:05 rest
    • 8×50 Free @1:05 (FAST!)
    • 1:05 rest


  • Cool Down – Throw in some backstroke or breaststroke to work you core and shoulders differently. Remember, the cool down intervals are not junk intervals. Approach them with a 1% mindset and work on something each stroke, each length and each interval.
    • 150 Free @0:20 rest
    • 100 Choice @0:20 rest (try some back or breaststroke)
    • 2×50 Choice @0:10 rest (swim easy, stay long)

Total: 2,250

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