Swim.com Ambassador Profile: Anne Turner

At Swim.com, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best possible swimming experience to our users – but in order to do that, we thrive on the feedback of our community. That’s why we assembled a small team of Swim.com’s loyal user-base and formed The Swim.com Ambassadors.

As the team gets to work, we’re going to feature a single ambassador each week until the world knows the entire Swim.com team!

This week, we’re showcasing Anne Turner!

Check below for our full Q & A with Anne!

Question: What made you fall in love with swimming?

Answer: I have always loved swimming. I love being in the water, I always have as long as I can remember and from the childhood stories my parents love to share, even longer than that. I was the baby that never wanted to get out of the water; this has never changed!

Q: How does Swim.com enhance your swimming experience?

A: Swim.com is my training companion, log and pace clock. I do a lot of my training alone with
sessions set by a remote coach. It’s really great to have Swim.com to be able to track my sessions and communicate back to my coach. I swim at a facility that never used to have a pace clock so to have that available to me on my wrist makes such a difference. And when I’ve had rough patches in training, it’s also kind of nice to have that history to hand and see how far
you’ve come.

Q: What does swimming mean to you?

A: Oh wow. Swimming is like oxygen to me. I had to quit swimming as a teen due to severe health issues that kept me out of the water for almost 20 years. That broke my heart. I only realized just how much when I could finally return to the pool, and that gaping hole was filled

Q: How are you staying in swimming-shape during COVID-19?

A: I can’t wait to be back in the water, like so many of us! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able
to get hold of an indoor rowing machine and a turbo trainer and have a decent home gym with kettlebells and dryland cords. I’ve broadly kept the same training routine as I have when I’m swimming, so I’m cycling and rowing five or six days a week in place of my pool sessions alongside
three strength-based dryland workouts too. I’ve completed a few virtual duathlon events from sprint to standard distance to scratch that competitive itch, and even did a stay-home 70.3 triathlon
(run-bike-row) for charity without leaving home.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of Swim.com?

A: I love the clock features, specifically the interval timer and drills mode. Those were the features that got me started with Swim.com as – at the time – it was the only app that could offer both. It’s also great at detecting the right stroke, which is great since I do a lot of mixed stroke training.

Q: What type of watch do you swim with?

A: Apple watch series 5

Q: Do you have a favorite swimming memory?

A: There are so many! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be open water Nationals last year. It was a beautiful day at a great location. I only started open water swimming a couple of years ago, and under duress too! I swam really well and came away with a very unexpected 2nd in age
group in the 3km event. But what made the day for me – and what I love about all Masters events – is the camaraderie among all the swimmers. Swimming is one massive family and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Swim.com Ambassador Profile: Anne Turner

  1. Great Anne Interested in how you are adapting to lock down. Not surprised you are maintaining high volume workouts. Good on ya. I’m guessing we’ll be back in the pool in July. I suppose we may get the Nationals, no idea about anything else
    Cheers Kath

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