Swim.com Kicks Off Open Water Season with Major Giveaways

Times are tough right now. Most pools around the country are still closed, and even though we are running dryland workouts and supporting open water swimming, we all miss our sense of normalcy.

That’s why we’re running two different giveaways to help our community prepare for when things get back to normal, and kick off the open water season!

You may have seen our Zone3 Safety Buoy Giveaway on Instagram last week, where we gave away two of those buoys to our followers. Our winners were Liz Carlin and Sean Vosberg out of California.

This week, we’re running two more giveaways (with many more in the pipeline!) on Instagram – one of which is restricted to Apple Watch users as we continue to fine-tune our beta algorithms for that segment of our community.

We’re also gearing up for open water swimming season by awarding open lucky Instagram follower an open water training bundle! Inside our bundle is all you need to get your open water season started.

Base Performance We’re thrilled to include our friends at Base Performance in this giveaway! Their hydration and nutritional supplements are essential inclusions to our training routine and we’re grateful for their support in our operations.

We’re wielding the winner of our Open Water Kickoff Bundle with:

We’re only running our Apple Watch Giveaway through this weekend. So if you’re able to get in a pool and test out those Beta Algorithms, do it before time runs out!

Our Open Water Kickoff Giveaway is going through Memorial Day, so head over to Instagram to enter and WIN!

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