Swim.com Version 3.2

Updated: 5/3/20

Swim.com has been constantly adapting and moving forward during the age of COVID-19. Our main goal is to continue serving our users with the world’s most advanced swim tracking algorithms, even if you can’t get in the pool.

Since pools around the nation began closing rapidly, we worked tirelessly to bring you features on our app that can be used on the dry side of our sport, and open water swimming.

In addition to the 3.1 updates you read about last week (and below) Version 3.2 adds the highly anticipated integration with Suunto. This teammup will allow existing Swim.com users to use Suunto devices when swimming and uploading workouts. On the Suunto side, Suunto users will have their workouts automatically ingested through Swim.com.

We’re thrilled to join forces with Suunto as we both aim to bring the best possible swimming experience during these trying times.

Also new in Version 3.2, we’ve touched-up a few graphics, tweaked some aspects of the layout and brought you the ability to add a pool custom length. This allows for the lucky few who might have access to a backyard, that might not be exactly 25 yards. Check out how to set a custom pool length in this week’s Quick Tip!

The Swim.com version 3.1 gives users a multitude of different tools at their disposal to help navigate the uncharted waters of COVID-19. From an activity tracking standpoint, users can now manually log several different workout types such as running, biking, yoga, weightlifting, open water swimming and much more.

Version 3.1 also includes a new “perceived effort” functionality which allows users to rate how difficult a certain workout was, on a scale of 1 through 10.

Also new with version 3.1 is the “sticky leaderboard” feature which allows you to save your leaderboard preferences without having to manually change them back upon each login.

There’s a lot we’ve added to Swim.com, check below for a comprehensive breakdown of what we’ve brought to our community.

New Activity Types: A few weeks ago we launched an update that now allows you to log open water swims, flume swims and Erg swims. In addition, we added support for logging cross-training activities such as running, cycling , yoga and more. Log this week’s Workout of the Week in the mobile app!

New Activity Feed Design: We updated the design and layout of your activity feed. Our goal was to make it easier to view the key information about your activity AND to make your connections activities more visible.

Garmin: Last week we released 3.1 which added support for displaying your open water swims from your Garmin device.

Suunto: This week we are wrapping up our testing on a new integration with Suunto. This integration will automatically import pool and OW swims from your Suunto app to Swim.com. We love our Suunto watches and are looking forward to seeing all the Suunto users join our community.

Beta Algorithms: While most pools are closed, there are a handful of folks still swimming. We are in need of more testers to wrap up this feature and move on to Samsung and WearOS devices.

Can’t get to water? No problem! Swim.com Version 3.1 has the ability to let you upload an Erg workout, along with running, biking, weightlifting and even yoga!

12 thoughts on “Swim.com Version 3.2

  1. With the pool closures I had to resort to swimming in my own pool, tying myself to one end effectively making an improvised “endless pool”.
    Would be great to have some kind of tracking for that, but all I can do today is a “water activity” in the official Apple Watch app, so even the strokes are not counted.
    Could you introduce some mode to support that? Or maybe you already have it and I am just missing out? 🙂

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Alex! Thanks for using Swim.com! Right now, we don’t support tracking for Flumes, Ergs, or tethered swims like that. Right now we are focusing on open water and pool swimming functions.

    2. Hi there, it would appear that the connection to Google fit has disappeared from the account page in the swim.com app. I have a samsungs 20 running Android 10.. Three days ago it was working seamlessly.

      Any thoughts?

      1. Hi Byron, we moved the Google under Settings -> Integrations. Let us know if you don’t see it or have any issues enabling it.

  2. Hello,What do you need help with*
    I live in Sweden and soon There is open water sessions for me.
    I use use 1.Wear OS latest version in a Huaweiwatch 2(your app installed through”only”a IP68 watch)and have both Galaxywatch and Samsung active 2 watch(Also have Polar V800 and M430&Swimovate 2 Watches).
    Best regards,

    *( Beta Algorithms: While most pools are closed, there are a handful of folks still swimming. We are in need of more testers to wrap up this feature and move on to Samsung and WearOS devices.)

    1. If you have auto updates turned on, then you’re good to go. If not, you can open Swim.com on your mobile device, Tap Settings > About > Check for Update. Hope that helps!

  3. My swim pod and I are all swimming with swim tethers i.e. we swam but don’t go anywhere. Can you tweaK Swim.com to handle that? Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael – thanks for using Swim.com! Right now, we’re focusing on open water tracking functions, so we aren’t tracking swims with tethering or flume workouts. We appreciate your feedback, we are always adapting and trying to grow!

  4. Recreational swim, mainly the sea. Disappointed with the App – seems fine if all you do is swim laps in a pool.

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