Using mobile to view your stats

On the iOS and Android mobile apps, you can view all the same stats that are on our web browser version of The stats appear a bit differently on mobile than on the web browser, however, due to the constraints of the smaller screen size. This post aims to help you navigate the app so that you can see all the information you need about your swim!

To start, you’ll want to click on the “Swims” tab on the bottom of the screen to bring up the log of all your swim files. In the example below, we’ll select the top swim from Feb. 20.

From there, you can select any of the stats cards or scroll to the bottom and select “View Swim Details” to expose your stats.


Once the stats are exposed, you can select from Distance, Time, Pace, SWOLF, and strokes tables to view. In the example below, the first page of distance shows you each interval’s total distance. Swiping from left to right will show you the swim time and total time (including rest) for each interval.  Each stat tab will have two screens you can swap between to view different details.


You can also expand intervals into individual lengths for further evaluation.



If you have any questions about how to find a particular stat, send us an email at!



One thought on “Using mobile to view your stats

  1. Hi Guys at thanks for the Blog “Using mobile to view your stats”
    User interface isn’t user friendly !
    It’s highlighted many elements on the mobile app that I find confusing or simply duplicated information already shown. I’m a 3 year supporter of, but have found this version of the mobile app less user-friendly than the old UI. I use my Apple Watch for swimming, and simply use the app to upload stats to the website. That’s the truth of it. Without going into a lengthy report on the app, I think it should be simplified avoiding pages that tell you the same stats on the previous page… too many clicks!
    The social part defiantly needs more involvement. Perhaps a graph would be more engaging and some sort of training zone/effort report to avoid over-training, and feedback on intervals. I hope this is constructive and WE all learn from feedback.

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