Workout Wednesday – Backstroke

This week we focus on my favorite stroke, backstroke. A really important part of backstroke comes from the strong kick. We will work on this with some streamline kick on the back. Another important piece of backstroke is to make sure you are not crossing your arms over your head. Think about being wider on the entry.

Also play around with the depth and angle of your catch on backstroke.


Warm Up:
300 swim
200 kick
200 as 50 drill/50 swim (drill of your choice)

HR Set

10 x 50 2 as streamline backstroke kick on back, 2 as build freestyle, 2 as build backstroke, 2 as strong backstroke kick on back, 2 as freestyle drill on :10 rest

Main Set

2-3 rounds of:

4 x 75 IM order (fly/back/breast) (free/fly/back) (breast/free/fly) (back/breast/free) on :15 rest

4 x 50 build backstroke – long streamline off each wall on :10 rest

2 x 50 one arm back drill – 3 strokes right arm/3 stroke left arm/3 strokes both arms on :10 rest

Warm Down

100 backstroke kick
200 pull focus on high elbow catch
200 Warm Down

To view this workout on your mobile device, head over the Workouts tab and select “Workout of the Day”. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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