Workout Wednesday – Threshold

This week we will focus on doing a threshold workout. The goal of a threshold workout is to be slightly slower than race pace with short rest. The best way to keep this increased intensity is to do blocks of 50s or 100s. I like to break these workouts up into rounds so that mentally you can push yourself a bit harder each round. This workout will feature descending rest times, but the goal is to keep the same time even as you descend the rest. Although I am giving you the rest times as seconds rest it would be best to pick a pace time and cut the seconds off (e.g. 2 on 1:25, 2 on 1:20, 1 on 1:15).

I also like to add in a form reset after each round, I will keep that optional in this workout. What the form reset allows you to do is to take a step back and do an easy 50 to try to get out of any habits you have started trying to go harder.

Make sure to be consistent on these and work hard to hold your times as the rest gets tighter!


300 swim
100 kick
300 as 50 drill/50 swim (1 arm drill, fist drill, catch up drill recommended)

HR Set

6 x 50 descend 1-3, 4-6 on :10 seconds rest

Main Set

2-3 rounds of:
5 x 100 as 2 on :15 rest, 2 on :10 rest, 1 on :05 rest
50 easy form reset (optional – if you leave this out it will make the set harder)

Warm Down

100 build kick
200 paddles only working on high elbow catch
200 choice (warm down)

To view this workout on your mobile device, head over the Workouts tab and select “Workout of the Day”. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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