Edit Your Leaderboard Swims with Version 3.8

Swim.com is always making updates, fine-tuning features and enhancing user experiences, but the Version 3.8 update is plays a big role in the virtual competition movement.

Version 3.8 lets users edit swims and still have those swims counted on leaderboards. We understand – sometimes you forget to turn Drill Mode on before doing some kick or technique work. And we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on key yardage when competing on leaderboards. So, any swim you’ve done can be edited and still count on leaderboards!

Editing swims on leaderboards is a key component to the 2020 Toyota/U.S. Masters Swimming Virtual Championships because any swim you upload to a certain race’s leaderboard can be altered and improve your leaderboard standing.

For example, if you joined the 1-mile Open Water Tune Up Challenge on Swim.com, and your first attempt was 25:00, but you forgot to end your swim on time, you can edit that swim to your “real” time of 24:00 or so. You can edit any swim by tapping on that swim, then tapping the pencil icon  in  the top left hand corner.

You can also edit stroke types, rest time, interval distances and more!

Keep in mind, in order to keep every leaderboard fair and equal to all users, we’ll be monitoring edited swims that seem a bit quick.

Either way – whether you have a supported device, and you just need to tweak a thing or to on your swims, or you are manually uploading your swims, everything you put into Swim.com can now be counted on leaderboards.

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