Virtual Championships Grows to Over 5000 Registrations

Just a week after after powering the launch of the first ever completely virtual swimming championships with Toyota and U.S. Masters Swimming, we’ve seen just over 5,000 race registrations for the inaugural Virtual Championships. This is by far the most participation any challenge has seen, with the recent 2020 SwimOutlet “Welcome Back” Challenge bringing around 1.1k registrations.

So far, the Virtual Championships have seen 1,300 miles of racing done between swims on smart watch and manually uploaded swims from a smart phone. The most popular event is clearly the 50y Freestyle with 421 registered swimmers alone.

As most in-person swim meets and races were cancelled this summer, athletes are turning to virtual competitions for their competitive fix. and U.S. Masters Swimming, are providing all athletes that experience during COVID-19 and beyond.

Most virtual swimming competitions are very limited, with the bulk of the technical work requiring a ton of swivel-chairing. Before, coaches and virtual-race organizers would have to manually upload results from third-party hosting softwares. is transforming and simplifying this process by harnessing the power of wearable technology and motion sensors, while providing flexibility for easy manual uploads via smartphones.

While e-racing has been gaining momentum in sports like cycling and running on platforms like Zwift, swimming is now making the shift towards the virtual sphere. That’s why is powering the first-ever 2020 Toyota USMS Virtual Championships, running August 12-23. The event features all swimming events from the 50 Freestyle to the 25k Open Water. Details on the event and specific race distances can be found here

So if you’re missing your summer racing plans, join and make history by being a part of the first-ever completely virtual swim meet!

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